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Smyth Gathering and Sewing Systems—The UNIT


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  Gathering and Sewing System model “UNIT”


THE SMYTH UNIT comprised of a Smyth gathering machine connected in line to one Smyth book sewing machine.  


The patented design of the Smyth Gathering Machine gives the space saving advantage that each pocket of the gatherer can be used with one or two signatures depending on the size.  In example the gatherer can run in the same pocket, one signature with a size up to 640mm or, in alternative, two signatures in sequential order have a size head to tail of up to 320mm.  With this design the floor space required for this line is greatly reduced.


Because of this compact floor design it is possible for only one operator to run the whole production system.  The combining of bindery operations greatly increases production outputs while dramatically reducing labor costs.


The exceptional flexibility of the Smyth sewing lines allows for the separate functioning of the Smyth Gatherer and the Smyth Sewer.  Additionally  the “extra delivery stacker”  allows for utilizing your existing book sewing machine off line, while gaining the advantage of in line gathering and sewing line.

Smyth Unit—In Line Gathering and Smyth Sewing


The extra delivery Courier delivers gathered book blocks via conveyor to an off line book sewing machine for increased production.

(2) WAY GATHERING MACHINE USE WITH OPTIONAL CONNECTION TO A PERFECT BINDER                                                  


The exceptional flexibility of the Smyth Unit is further displayed with the possibility of connecting the gatherer portion of the Unit in line with a Perfect Binder.  With this feature you can now gather and Smyth sew in line or with the same gatherer you can        gather and perfect bind in line.                                 

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