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Transporting signatures in a shingled

stream offers further advantages as the

opened corner of the signature is released

on top of a stationary plate ensuring proper

transfer of the signature onto the saddle

The LAP opening device standard in all Smyth Book Sewers

and is ready to work when programmed

No installation is required


Unique in operation the Smyth lap opener can open

 mixed laps (top + bottom) in the same book.

Contact time with the vacuum openers is longer and the special movement of the suckers (radial rotation) ensure  a gentle and precise opening of the signature which is critical in the opening of  lightweight and porous signatures. 


Other feeders use a 360 degree rotating sucker, this can be a violent opening method for delicate signatures.


The lap opener works in conjunction with the 4th opener further enhancing the feeders ability to handle even the most delicate of signatures

The transfer of the signature from the saddle to the sewing head is achieved using a venturi style heading up mechanism further ensuring proper transfer with all type of signatures.


Hold down fingers on sewing saddle hold signatures down to prevent rolling.

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Book Sewing Features

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