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Complete in line book manufacturing begins with the gathering of signatures moving in line to the Smyth Book Sewing Machines (up to 8 book sewers inline).  The sewn book blocks are then transported to the Smyth Glue Line for book back preparation then directly into the Smyth Casing In line.  The complete hardcover book is then sent to a stacker ready to be placed in a carton for shipping. 


The tremendous savings in combining your entire bindery operations is realized in a dramatic increase in production rates and decreasing your labor costs.  The entire Smyth in line book manufacturing system such as the one shown in the layout above can run with as few as (6) operators.


 The advantages of  the Smyth Line are further increased with the ability to build your in line system as your companies production needs dictate.  The modular design of all the Smyth equipment affords you the ability to purchase install each portion of the complete manufacturing line.  You can begin with a single Smyth Book Sewing Machine and add the Smyth Gatherer at a later date (installed in your factory).  The same is true of the addition of the Smyth Glue Line and the Smyth Hardcover Line.


Automation of labor intensive operations will give your company an incredible competitive edge.

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