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Quality, productivity and flexibility are the guidelines that were used to design the computerized Smyth Book Back Preparation Glue Line.  The computerized automatic setups and quick size changeovers make this machine a perfect compliment  when mated with the Smyth Gathering and Sewing Systems and the Smyth Hard Cover Line.


Strong spine nipping is necessary to eliminate swelling and is accomplished with (2) spine nippers with 32 tons pressure and (1) overall smasher with 48 tons pressure.


In line tipping, (2) gluing stations, 3.5m infrared drying station, high frequency dryer, hot melt, station to reinforce book blocks and a re-nipper complete this versatile line.  Six available configurations to meet your companies individual production needs.


The Smyth Book Manufacturing Line can produce book blocks up to 95mm in spine bulk. Production speeds up to 70 books per minute.  



Smyth Book Back Preparation Glue Line


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