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Early model of a manually operated Smyth Book Sewing Machine


Smyth’s initial production of book sewing machines began in 1871 when David McConnel Smyth obtained his firs patent.  In 1882, the Smyth Manufacturing Company in Hartford, CT began production of the sewing machine, resulting in significant progress in bookbinding technology, hence the term “SMYTH SEWN”.  Smyth sewing machines continued to gain an important role in the world market due to the machine’s production, quality and performance.

 In 1958 Smyth Manufacturing established Smyth Europea to gain the advantage of operational and manufacturing arenas in the European market.  In 1970 Smyth Manufacturing transferred all drawings and manufacturing activities.

Smyth has vigorously expanded on the exceptional Smyth line of equipment, continuously upgrading and automating their full line of hardcover bookbinding equipment for increased production and operator ease. 

Smyth bookbinding machines continues to benefit from a long list of exclusive design and manufacturing patents, but also from the know how of the people who invented them.


Fully automated in line gathering and sewing system

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